Over the last month, Matt Smith, MD of technology, transformation and CIO practices, outlined his roadmap for CIOs in 2023, Investigo CEO Derek McKenzie was asked to comment in several publications on the current business environment, and Rich Lewis-Jones, founder of Sigma Labs, discussed England’s rise in the global education rankings. Take a look at our latest press coverage below:

Matt Smith’s roadmap for CIOs in 2024 (see page 38)

Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 73

As a recent PwC survey predicts that AI will contribute to a tough year ahead for businesses, Derek Mackenzie says a robust digital talent pipeline can keep you ahead of the curve

Global economy faces uncertainty amid AI disruption, survey reveals (cfotech.co.uk)

AI to add to ‘precarious’ year ahead for world economy, Davos survey – London Tech News | londonlovestech.com

CEOs fear for future in pre-Davos survey as AI risks rise | Startups Magazine

AI to add to ‘Precarious’ Year Ahead for World Economy – Davos Survey (bbntimes.com)

CEOs fear AI & climate change could sink firms – report (cfotech.asia)

Getting the right talent in place will be key to capitalising on the UK economy’s 0.3% growth rate, says Derek

UK economy bounces back with 0.3% growth (ffnews.com)

UK Economy Bounces Back with 0.3% Growth (bbntimes.com)

The Office for National Statistics finds the UK economy bouncing back with 0.3 per cent growth | Bdaily

UK economy bounces back with 0.3% growth (bmmagazine.co.uk)

But as employers remain cautious, skilled staff can boost overall business growth

UK Job Market Continues to Slide as Employers Remain Cautious Over the Economy (bbntimes.com)

Job market continues to slide as ‘economic uncertainty continued to dent business confidence’ – London Business News | Londonlovesbusiness.com

Job market continues to slide as employers remain cautious over the economy – Scottish Business News

As recruiters warn the Bank of England a dip in permanent hiring, bimodal planning will be crucial to navigating economic uncertainty

Bank warned of jobs crisis as hiring rates fall – Director of Finance Online (dofonline.co.uk)

UK Recruiters warn Bank of England of permanent hiring dip due to economic uncertainty | Bdaily

UK Recruiters warn Bank of England of permanent hiring dip due to economic uncertainty (bmmagazine.co.uk)

Rich-Lewis Jones discusses the importance of a robust education system for the UK’s future workforce

England Soars in Global Education Rankings: A Triumph in Western Academia – Business Today

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