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Success accelerated

At InX, we believe that being connected to the right people is the cornerstone of every successful organisation. Thanks to an enviable network that we’ve grown over years, we know the value that a leader’s journey can offer an organisation. It’s not simply the technical skills and market experience that matter, but the relationships they’ve formed, their leadership style and the impact they’ve had. These are the leaders and their teams who accelerate growth, market strength and your resilience as an organisation.

Finding leaders like this accelerates the growth of your business and transforms it top down. Through executive search and interim management, we connect you to the game changing leaders who are experts at driving and delivering positive change across your organisation.

With a firm focus on diversity when evaluating who might be the best person to hire, we bring fresh perspectives when considering options. Often clients can easily miss opportunities, but that’s why we work as partners, and freely share everything we know about the market and the leaders in it.


“IInX supports leaders throughout their careers, helping them create meaningful change, build new transformation teams, and landing a career defining role.”

Transformational leaders who accelerate growth

Our executive leadership business InX searches far and wide for talented leaders who can completely transform an organisation. If you’re a business going through market disruption, innovation, or transformation, we will connect you with best-in-market leaders you need to make it happen.

How InX can help you

InX’s search and interim team are specialists who search far and wide for truly remarkable leaders. It maybe that you’re one of these leaders, and if so, we can help you to identify innovative ways to accelerate your growth, your potential, your career, and your leadership.

Our specialist sectors and markets span private equity; technology, digital and transformation; real estate and property; strategy and consulting; public sector, and manufacturing. Rest assured that whoever you work with at InX is a domain expert who’s as deeply immersed in their field, as they are invested in your success.

So, if you’re a business going through market disruption, innovation, or transformation, we will connect you with the best-in-market business leaders you need to reach your goals. We believe that when you connect innovative organisations with inspiring leaders who clearly sees your future potential, that’s when something truly special happens.

Refreshingly different executive search

Where too many search firms follow a rulebook, we don’t. We think creatively to bring you fresh views, options, and perspectives. Because formulaic approaches to search simply aren’t enough when you’re looking for market-leading talent, we take an individual approach and look for creative ways to find the right leaders for you.

We’re agile and adaptable, and work with you as partners to craft a bespoke plan that suits your particular brief. This is critical if you’re looking to deliver digital transformation, carry out a restructure, introduce a new service line, enter a new market, expand internationally, or complete a merger or acquisition. These are complex challenges that require exceptional leaders to ensure they succeed.

Relationships not contacts

At InX, we build everything from relationships; just as every leader we know is a rare find, so those leaders have their network of rare finds, who we connect with and often end up working with. Good people know good people, and that means our mutually respectful relationships opens doors to an incredible community of leaders who accelerate change from the inside out.

In every search, we get to know both the organisation and the leader. Their journeys and objectives. Their missions and motivations. A great leader is someone who has a wide-reaching impact. This is only possible when we treat people as people, and not part of a transaction. It is why we invest time and energy in relationship building, far beyond the brief.

A proposition based on partnership

We’ll work in partnership with you and take the time to understand what your challenge or opportunity is and create a solution that goes above and beyond meeting your business needs. We’ll advise you on how you attract and engage with leaders, too as part of your employer branding. Whatever it takes to find you that rare leader we know is out there, we’ll do it. That’s why our clients return again and again.

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