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We’re a technology and transformation consultancy helping our clients transform their businesses from the inside out. Whether you need a minor update to keep pace with change, or you need to completely redefine the way your organisation works, we partner with you to keep your business moving forward, at your pace.

RACHEL HAYS – Director, Definia

“Our aim is to help clients bring transformation to life, guiding them towards tomorrow’s opportunities at a sustainable pace while maximising their existing teams and resources.”

Accelerating change with confidence

Through our two specialist practices, we’re here to support you with digital or transformation projects of any size and scope, wherever you are on your journey. You might want to maximise your investment in the right digital technology or re-envisage your operating model. You might want to adopt new ways of working or shift your organisational culture. We won’t just help you complete that complex project or transformation programme. We’ll embed a growth mindset that equips your organisation for sustainable future success, keeping you relevant, resilient, and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

To stand out in an ever-changing and competitive digital world, you need to trust what you do and recognise your opportunities for growth. Our digital experts will help you define your digital presence, engage your customers, and increase your organisational agility so you can respond to changes in the market. And we’ll do it with tech innovation and smart strategies based on our team’s in-depth knowledge and robust data.

The business world never stands still. The only way to stay successful is to keep moving forward. We’ll work with you to understand and maximise your strengths, designing solutions that will improve performance across your business. With a future-facing mindset, you can embrace new technologies and approaches to ensure you keep pace with change and adapt to market conditions.

Three steps to successful transformation

We use our experience, expertise, and analytical toolkit to understand your challenge. That means assessing your business – your data, people, structure, supplier landscape, dependencies – so we can tailor our services to your needs. We can then create the right strategies and put the right team in place to deliver your transformation, and prepare you for the cultural shift that comes with it.


When we understand what you need, we design the best strategies and solutions to help you achieve it, tailored to your organisation. We’ll partner with you at every step to ensure all elements of the project – target operating model, process efficiency, ways of working and digital capabilities – work for you.


We’re experts in getting things done. We don’t just do the consulting part and leave the rest to you; we bring proven delivery models to bring sustainable transformation and growth, working with you to sketch out the deliverables and align them to the right work packages. That’s when we can build effective teams to deliver, while maturing and upskilling your in-house capability.

“We’re your trusted partner who knows your market, technology, and can confidently crack on defining, designing, and delivering sustainable technology and transformation.” – Will Jones, director, Definia

The best of both worlds

Bringing the benefits of contingent workers (skills, flexibility, agility) with the tried and tested approach of traditional consulting, we offer a unique hybrid consulting approach. It’s a powerful combination of experienced consulting specialist teams with forward-looking and agile digital technologies – working seamlessly together so you can face the future with confidence.

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