Investigo launched a new office in Miami, our Tech and the Boardroom survey continued to be featured in the press on both sides of the Atlantic, and Definia transformation director Rachael Hays and Investigo CEO Derek Mackenzie commented on some of the month’s big news stories. Take a look at our latest press coverage:

With Labour looking to launch its AI strategy, Derek Mackenzie comments on the importance of training the latest AI talent:

Labour teases AI strategy plans ahead of 2024 general election | ITPro

Labour to launch AI strategy within a ‘couple of weeks’ as election priming continues (

At the InX Leadership Summit, former CIA agent Rupal Patel outlined the power of negotiation in achieving board alignment:

InX Summit: Former CIA Agent Highlights Power of Negotiation for CEO and Board Alignment (

Investigo US launches Miami office as part of major expansion

The IN Group opens its doors in Miami as part of major U.S. expansion drive | Biscayne Bay Tribune# (

56% of boardroom leaders see AI as the biggest direct threat to their business, says our Tech and the Boardroom survey:

Over half of boardroom leaders fear AI is the biggest threat to their business (

Businesses are embracing AI more than general public, research suggests   (

Is GenAI the Biggest Threat or Enabler for Business Leaders? (

Many executives see AI as ‘direct threat’ to organization: report | HRD America (

As the EU launches the AI Office to promote the future development, deployment and use of AI technologies, Rachael Hays comments on how it could help develop economic benefits while mitigating the risks:

EU launches office to implement AI Act and foster innovation (

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