Hiring, training and deploying the best in tech talent

At Sigma Labs, we exist to deliver outcomes determined by ambition, effort and potential, not socioeconomic background. We seek out high potential graduates then provide exceptional technical (data and digital) education and meaningful support, to unlock high performance and long term career success, strengthening organisations from the word ‘go.’

RICH LEWIS JONES – Founder, Sigma Labs

“We prioritise potential, ambition and effort rather than socioeconomic background, then provide exceptional training in data, software, cloud and critically, high performance behaviours.”

Turning potential into productivity

We give organisations access to an extensive pipeline of talented junior technology professionals across data, software and cloud, helping them futureproof their businesses.

Plugging the gap

The digital world is expanding faster than education can keep up, meaning there’s a digital skills gap that’s posing a big challenge to organisations of all sectors. As an education business, we’re dedicated to helping organisations plug that gap by recruiting and training high quality junior talent.

Not just about the tech

You can be an expert in all the tech in the world, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll succeed in the workplace. That’s why it’s our responsibility to supplement our consultants’ technical knowledge with the practical skills they’ll need every day, which are key to every organisational workforce, and key to their own long term success.

We train our graduates in business fundamentals, from problem solving frameworks to understanding P&Ls, and high performance behaviours. The aim is to help them become top performers and ultimately grow into board level professionals at the largest global companies. It’s all about continuous improvement – providing the highest standard of training while constantly investing in our education.

The principles that guide us

Excellence in service and impact – striving for excellence in our work and going beyond others’ expectations to help them deliver excellence themselves.

Thoughtful respect – making difficult choices and giving meaningful feedback with respect, care and honesty.

Owners and leaders – we take shared responsibility and role model the right behaviours, inspiring others through action.

Continuous performance improvement – understanding what it is that allows us to be excellent over time by having a hyper focus on our objectives, seeking feedback, and having the discipline, courage and determination to improve every day.

Really caring – recognising that everyone we engage with is trying their best, we foster reciprocity and symbiotic relationships where we treat people how we like to be treated.

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