38% of boardroom members say their organisation is behind on diversity, according to our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroom report.

This issue was especially concerning for businesses in the US, where 48% of respondents felt their organisation was behind. But on the plus side, it’s clear that businesses recognise the importance of DEI in creating a fairer workplace and establishing and maintaining their competitive advantage. Over three-quarters (76%) of respondents confirmed they have a diversity and inclusion strategy in place when it comes to hiring tech talent into the business.

Why is expanding your talent pools especially important in the ever-evolving technology sector? What can organisations do to bring in more diverse talent? Despite their best intentions, why are businesses still struggling to implement effective DEI policies?

Find out more in Building a diverse workforce, part 5 of our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroom report, where we’ve gathered views from 750 board members in the UK, US, Germany and Netherlands to understand the technology priorities at board level in 2024.

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